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Welcome to Perfect Finish Detailing, the premier destination for paint correction near Las Vegas. If your vehicle’s paintwork has lost its shine or shows signs of wear, we’re here to rejuvenate it.

Paint Correction: What Is It?

Paint correction removes imperfections from a vehicle’s paintwork, such as scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. It is achieved through specialized polishing compounds and machines, resulting in a flawless finish. Paint correction is a popular service among car enthusiasts who want to restore their vehicles to their original condition.

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Why Perfect Finish Detailing is the Best Choice for Paint Correction Near Me?

Elevate your car’s appearance with Perfect Finish Detailing, your premier choice for paint correction near Las Vegas. Invest in the best for a vehicle that looks its absolute finest. Choose excellence with us.


Unmatched Expertise

Our seasoned professionals use advanced techniques and high-quality products to correct imperfections and restore your vehicle’s paint to its original brilliance.


Tailored Solutions

Every vehicle has its unique challenges. We offer customized paint correction solutions to address the specific needs of your car.


Local Challenges, Expert Solutions

Las Vegas’s environment can be harsh on car paint. Our team specializes in addressing these local challenges, ensuring your vehicle looks its best.

Our Paint Correction packages

Perfect Finish Detailing in Las Vegas, NV, offers three different levels of paint correction depending on your car’s needs.


$150 cars
$200 trucks/SUV


$300 cars
$400 trucks/SUV


$600 cars
$750 trucks/SUV

Why choose our paint correction service

Choose our Paint Correction service at Perfect Finish Detailing for superior quality, utilizing top-notch products and techniques. Our skilled technicians guarantee a vehicle that shines and is shielded from environmental elements. Experience excellence with us – your trusted option for paint correction near you in Las Vegas.

FAQs About Paint Correction

Depending on factors like the quality of correction, coating type, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices, it can last from several months to years.

It’s generally done as needed when imperfections become noticeable. Factors include the car’s age, usage, and maintenance.

When done by trained professionals like ours, it’s safe and won’t damage your car’s paint.

Ready to Restore Your Car's Shine?

Don’t let paint imperfections hold back your car’s beauty. At Perfect Finish Detailing, we promise unmatched paint correction services near Las Veags. Contact us today at (702) 482-1680 or visit us at 3650 Summer Picnic Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89147.